Structural Integration is a scientifically proven therapy which addresses the connective tissues of the body. aka Fascia and the nervous system in conjunction to produce life altering, physically changing and long lasting results that can be measured.

Structural Integration is typically performed in a series of ten sessions preferably once a week for optimal change in structure and habit patterns. Each session consists of a ‘viewing’ process which allows the therapist to ‘see’ your structure. For approximately an hour the therapist manipulates the tissue manually and engages the client in movements to ensure awareness throughout the session. Every session is unique and formatted to a specific area of the body and a re-patterning exercise is given to you.

In my sessions since I am certified in 500 hours of Yoga training I include postures following the manual therapy to leave you with something to take home and practice. We all Love homework!

You may not think about how you stand, walk or sit. Here in the Structural Integration model we re-teach the body how to function properly or improve functions for increased awareness and health.

Structural Integration