10 Series Structural Integration Massage

Structural Integration is a process in which we focus on progress. A process focused on the fascia systems of the body & integrating the relationship to the force we call gravity. In plain English, manual fascial manipulation.

Sessions 1-3: We ( You & I ) clear the superficial fascial layer of the body, preparing the body for deeper work.

Sessions 4-7: We (Client Participation) move deeper in the fascial body and prepare the body for integration. We’ll differentiate functions in the body, properly stacking joints one over the other.

Sessions 8-10: We begin to integrate all that we differentiated in the body. Connecting joint function, implementing greater lines of energy and efficiency through the body.

Price: $110 per session

3 Series Structural Integration Massage

After having been processed through the Basic Ten Series a client may undertake a 3 series maintenance program. We call this series a Girdle, Girdle, Line. First session will often begin with the pelvic girdle and work the foundation.

Price: $110 per session


Graham trained with Denise Druce of Assets Yoga and completed 500 hours. Graham uses a blend of Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga and Yin Yoga combined with Structural Integration movement principles to address individual client needs. This Yoga session is 90 minutes long.

Price: $110 per session

Auto accident? Whiplash?
Insurance providers must cover up to $3,000 in PIP coverage for collision rehabilitation. Contact me today to set up a consultation with your insurance provider to get yourself healed!

You also have up to one year to claim this coverage, if you were in an accident recently do not let the injury settle itself into your tissue! It will become an issue!

Chiropractics and Structural Integration or Deep Tissue Massage together can get you back into your normal routine and feeling pain free!

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