Meet Graham

Graham Phillip Davis has dedicated his practice to helping people have healthier and happier lives. As a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2012, he has maintained and built a successful private practice focused on service to his clients individual needs.

Graham is certified with The Guild for Structural Integration in the Original Ten Series Method by Ida P. Rolf. In April 2015 Graham graduated and continued his development through several Structural Integration workshops including a four-handed workshop with Emmett Hutchins, Ida P. Rolf’s first student teacher. Graham furthered study with the recipe and cadaver dissection alongside Amber Burnham and Elisa Jane Noel the current lead teachers at The Guild for Structural Integration.

In 2016 Graham embarked on a Year of Yoga! Enrolling at Yoga Assets and completing the basic 200 hour program and immediately after completed the 300 hour program for a total of 500 hours. As part of the 300 hour a scholarship 200 hour Yoga teacher program was presented for students who might be less able to afford the training. This was a way to give back to the community!

Graham’s own healing process through the Ida Rolf Method of Structural Integration and Yoga ignited a passion to share the work to others who might be stuck in their personal journey! Graham specializes in blending S.I. and Yoga full time, and it is his passion and life’s work to share this with the world.

Grahams background from The Utah College of Massage Therapy began in 2012 cementing understanding of Structural Bodywork, Tom Meyer’s Anatomy Trains, Advanced Cranialsacral, Orthopedic Assessment, and Kinesiology.

Recognizing that there is always work to be done on a personal level, in any profession,  Graham continues his education and personal development. He’s attended the Landmark Forum, Landmark in Action Seminar, Landmark in Relationship Seminar and completed his Advanced Landmark Forum in 2014 to help bring about positive, permanent shifts in his relationships, define his calling, and improve his quality of life and the lives of others.